Please This Day

Please This Day


Please this day,
A day of peace, a day of service, a day of selflessness.
A day of taste, a day of touch, a day of truth.
A day of yes, a day of please, a day of a thank you.
A day of smile, a day of joy, a day of limitless laughter.
A day of lazy, a day of leisure, a day of relax.
A day of rest, a day of ease, a day of sleep and infinite snooze.
A day of on this day I devote myself, fully and without reserve.
A day of grace, a day goodness, a day of gratitude.
A day of listen, a day of kiss, a day of kindness.
A day of embrace this, as I embrace, as I yearn to be embraced.
A day of help, a day of happiness, a day of high heaps of harvested golden hay.
A day of purpose, a day of productivity, a day of doing without delay.
A day of bounty, a day of blessing, a day of abundance.
A day of pause, a day of pleasant, a day of optimism.
A day of gift, a day of glory, a day of redemption.
A day of forgiveness, a day of forget, a day of on this day I live without regret.
A day of wit, a day of white, a day of whimsical.
A day of birth, a day of blossom, a day of begin.
A day of spring, a day of splendor, a day of spectacular!
Love this day long, longingly, lustfully!
Love this day, this first, this last, this only day I get to live today.
Please this day.


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