At 22 Everyone Was Just Like You

At 22 Everyone Was Just Like You

Love and Death by Conrad Roset


Remember the broken pavement beside the pool, the pond, the puddle?  You’re reducing me to rubble. *

At 22 everyone was just like you.

There was always a new one, always an only one.  Little did I know I’d forever be the lonely one.

After forty four years and oceans of tears, I’ve learned the hard way, another you has not come to stay.

What took five years to earn and one year to learn took one night to burn.

In youth, I was so sure each one would survive.  I learned later, very few would even arrive.

It was my optimism, it was outlook.  When you left, it was both that you took.

It’s not that you DEfined me.  It’s that you REfined me.  I was flamed, and fanned and fired and fixed.

Your bellows blew me much brighter than I had been.  Now it’s as if I’m closer to living without sin.

And yet it’s bleaker and I’m blacker.  My golden hue has become dark blue.

I’ve aged enough to learn that by letting go my love will grow;

That greed and grappling has become seed then sapling.

My earth and dust has given way to red then rust.

I’ve gone from commit to committal, from courage to crazy.

Only to learn you are not my last, you are my lesson, my season past, my biggest blessin’.



*Her Love Never Was


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