Corporate Story Draft

I can’t go a day without music.  I never could.  Either I was stealing a few seconds listening to my mom’s turntable in the den, singing along with my dad to the radio in his pickup truck, or stomping my foot to the melody in my head, music has always been part of my life. I got my first bass in 1976.  After begging and pleading with my parents for what seemed like years, my mother finally caved and bought a Gibson bass guitar just like the one my heroes in KISS had.  I started banging my head and picking my bass immediately, catching my reflection in front of the window between me and corn/crops outside.  The rest, as they say, is heavy metal history.

The way I remember my first days with music, is also the way I remember coffee.  Though my first sip of coffee wasn’t good, I didn’t like the taste, my memories of it were.  Like any meal, coffee was served around the kitchen table.  It was a staple of farming life.  Either my dad had it brewing before a long day in the fields or my mom had it ready for any friend or neighbor who would stop by to share the day’s/town’s news.  For the warmth it brought, I loved it. I have ever since.

Luckily, my tastes have matured.  Just as I couldn’t go a day without my first passion, music, now I can’t go a day without my second…a good cup of coffee.  When I travel, I’m always eager to taste a new roast from a new region.  I find the language coffee speaks is universal.  When I bring that cup close, it’s the smell of earth that hits me first. It takes me back to Minnesota.  So though I may be halfway around the world, touring with the band and rocking with the fans, the aroma always brings me home and when I take my first sip it’s like a jolt of lightening.  (that black bomb explodes in) My pre-frontal cortex explodes and I’m ready to rock!  Now that I think of it, coffee was probably my first high.

All these years later, I’m still head banging, only now I get to do it in front of a crowd instead of crops and I still start my day with an bomb/blast of hot black coffee, the blacker the better.  When I’m on tour, my nights on stage start the same way.

(back of bag)

From the prairies of Minnesota to the rock n roll stadiums I’ve played in around the world, coffee has been a constant source of conversation, companionship and community.  I’ve been rocking roasts for over 30 years and though my tastes have changed since that first childhood sip, my passions haven’t.  Following my heart has led to co-founding an iconic metal band, selling over 50 million records on 24 albums and winning a Grammy.  What I touch doesn’t turn to gold, it turns to platinum.   So when I had a chance to create my own signature roasts it had to be the best because that’s what life on the farm and life dedicated to the arts (music) is all about, the best effort from the best people.

(My dad’s roast was great, but mine is even better…)

My Music,
My Passion,
My Roast…

MegaRoast™ / Megaroast™

Welcome to the Dave Ellefson signature line of artisan coffees. The only coffee strong enough to last the whole show.  Have a blast!


other choices include:
MegaBrew™ / Megabrew™
MegaFuel™ / Megafuel™
MegaJoe™ / Megajoe™



**written 11-18-2017, published 02-15-2018 at 6:26 PM**


One thought on “Corporate Story Draft

  1. When I was nine years old I wanted a piano in the worst way. My parents sacrificed for me to have it. So I couldn’t loose interest in it as I might with a pet turtle. I practiced an hour or so each day and took lessons once a week. My parents’ investment paid off one day when at my distress and their joy I played a classical and modern piece before a sell out crowd of students and parents as a senior at our high school spring concert.
    I’ve found that hard work is required and a denial of self demanded to master the instrument and earn the title of musician. The same could be said of the soul striving to earn heaven.

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