Rolled Under Your Wave

Starry Night Wave


You rolled me, bowled me,
Nearly made me a slave
Under the weight of your six foot,
Crashing, white-crested wave.

Pushed me in,
Pushed me under,
Swept me off
And asunder.

I was startled and surprised,
I nearly tripped, I almost fell,
As the sparkle in your eyes,
Made my heart begin to swell.

But it wasn’t your crest that bowled me over
Or your wave that blew me down.
It was the force of what was in you
That crushed me and my crown.

It was your smile,
It was your glow,
Your ebbing tide
That brought me low.

It was the strength of your stature,
The color in your cheeks,
The confidence within you,
That had risen for many weeks.

I didn’t say much
And I didn’t say when.
I barely said goodbye
And nearly nothing even then.

This is the second time I’ve seen you
And the second place so far.
If I’m lucky next Friday,
I’ll be standing where you are.

Somewhere between here and there,
I wasn’t expecting much.
I had just turned a corner
And caught you in the clutch.

I wouldn’t want to admit this
And I don’t want to confess,
You may have caught me coming through
A timely, untangling mess;

I make no promises
And I don’t bend a knee.
This much I will say though,
I hope there’s more of you to see.


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