I Stand With Spain

**After today’s attack in Barcelona, I can’t help but share my sadness.**

Spain Crying


For two years, I called Spain home.  I was an American expat living in Madrid and yet after my first year I was never mistaken as one.  I’ve always prided myself in blending so well.  For me, Spain was my first education abroad.  I lived and laughed with friends (many of whom I still have to this day), learned from my students and loved a woman against whom all other women have since been measured.  Spain is part of my adopted heritage, and it saddens me that this gentle place and these generous souls are suffering at the hands of hatred.  The land of 2000 year old aqueducts, artful bullfights, afternoon siestas and a king who ceded his power to his own people deserves so much better than the senseless violence that’s been thrust upon them.  Spain, my old home, my tutor of love, my teacher of life, I hold you in my heart.



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