688 d

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You well up within me.
You tip and toss my fragile boat.
You make me write this frantic note.

I swirl and dip and bob.
Behind your ship and on your lake,
I sink and slip beneath your wake.

Though I could live, should live
Why would I live without your love?
It’s rained on me from up above.

Mornings are cold and damp.
Days are dreary and nights too long.
My heart still hopes to hear your song.

I look, stare and listen.
My phone and you refuse to ring.
My only wish? To hear them sing.

The world is without walls.
There’s not one thing to hide behind.
The earth, I know, will not be blind.

I wish I could say it.
It’s done, over, I’m through with you.
But that’s a lie, it’s just not true.

It’s well past 4 A.M.
This evening looks like there’s no sleep.
Instead, it seems I’ll sit and weep.

Lastly, what’s six, eight, eight?
That’s your, not my, mountain to climb,
And proof to you I count the time.


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