Bubble Gum Blues

*Just like her, this starts shallow and ends deep.*


Bubble gum blues,
She can’t tie her shoes.

Candy bar kid,
She’s too young to bid.

Ball bouncing daughter,
Playing jacks is what taught her.

Green tartan plaid,
It’s what drives her mad.

Light brown towels
It’s where she prowls.

Talking and toying,
It’s how she goes boying.

Outshine, overshadow,
That’s a way to make her mad, though.

Younger than my stinky shirt,
She’s older than the world’s dirt.

My dark, cloudy sky
Becomes clear in her eye.

Though she can’t keep her word,
She can fly me her bird.

My broken shards,
Become her smooth regards.

While she lacks a cortex,
I still swirl in her vortex.

She’s close to kid,
But she’s my dying bid.

And when she gives, she gives good
But insists she’s not understood.

Though she gets me and gives me,
She still can’t play “we”.

So, while she is fun,
At day’s end, I am done.


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