All That’s Left is Lust

**Warning:  Graphic content.  NSFW**


Lust by Nadia Beltei*


I’m not interested in wisdom,
I’m not interested in wise.
The only thing that interests me
Is what’s between your thighs.

I’m tired of your torment,
I’m tired of your tears.
What I’m looking for is distance,
Between you and me in years.

Your hopes and aspirations
Are nothing but a bore.
I pretend to be curious,
So you’re left wanting more.

Whether it’s you wearing white,
Or you wearing black,
I’d rather you wore nothing,
And lay down on your back.

A helping hand,
A gentle smile,
You should know behind it,
Is my ear to ear beguile.

I would mortgage your future,
I would forgive your past,
If I thought that it would get me,
Deep inside your ass.

I will offer pinks and blues,
Or even pastel hues.
As long as I get laid,
There is not one thing to lose.

One small word of caution,
A wee bit of warning,
If you thought my pieces touching,
This might be forlorning…

I will write you poetry,
I will write you prose,
But you should be suspicious,
As there is no truth to those.




*The original piece, Lust by Nadia Beltei, I feel captures and conveys the mood and content of the poem.  First, consider the color red.  It represents sex.  The color black, darkness and primal violence.  The lightening in the center draws attention to, accentuates and focuses on this as a combination.  Additionally, the white can be seen to represent bodily fluids such as semen or vaginal secretions while the red represents blood; or, red=pain and white=pleasure.  In the middle, there is a combination of the two to represent “union”.  Also, notice the texture.  The cracks represent aging and the agony of life while the red and black curves below represent motion.  Just as feelings change, so does the impending motion of the waves.  The angular “V” shapes can be seen as representative of the male (Mars symbol) while the curves represent the female.  Overall, the mood is one of gravity, seriousness, sensuality bordering on brutality.
I see striking similarities between the artwork and the poem itself for obvious reasons including the use of color (white and black), as referenced in the poem, and content.  They work well together and compliment each other where the whole (this new union) is greater than the sum of the two parts (independent pieces).  I’m pleased to display both of them here for full effect.  For more of Nadia’s work or the original piece, visit

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