I Couldn’t Help But Notice


Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee by Salvador Dali

(press play for audio)

I couldn’t help but notice,
And I couldn’t help but say
You have a curious habit
Of repeatedly walking away.

It’s as if your eyes were glossy,
It’s as though your heart were clear,
Your fickle and hollow chest,
Might even bring a tear.

Mondays now are melancholy,
Wednesdays are morose.
Fridays feel empty,
Saturdays no longer boast.

I knew that this would happen,
I thought this day would come,
I promised when it did, however,
It’d matter to me none.

I’m sure he is a catch,
I know you have good taste,
I didn’t want to believe, though,
That I had been replaced.

It’s another unlearned lesson,
It’s a reminder of my mistake;
My falling for empty fantasies,
My heart about to break.


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