The Lie

Puzzle Eyes RS


(press play for audio)


I thought in the beginning
And I thought early on,
She is a Siren
Who writes a great song.


Call it silly.
Call it curious.
Call it insane.
Call it dismissing her memory
From the depths of my brain.

Luckily, that lapsing grasp on reality
Has come to end
And my once swooning head
Is no longer swirling
But out of her bed.

My feigning sadness,
Has become relief from her madness.

My near fatal infection with infatuation
Has finally cleared up.

I’m dry,
Hang dried,
Drip dried,
High and dry.
Bled, no longer red, dry;
But still bone dry.

With years and tears of experience,
You’d think I’d learn not to speak;
Not to slip, not to slide
Not to jump the great wide,
Or lead with my heart
Still hurting with pride.

This time I didn’t
And this time I’m done.
For the sum of my love
Remains equal to none,
And this time my heart
Stays tight as a drum.

I don’t care about clever
I don’t care about coy,
I care about not being brittle
As a small, young boy.

She can tell me her secrets
She can conceal her age.
She can offer advice
Like a wise, knowing sage.

But she is and she will be
What I thought all along,
A pretty young siren
Who writes a great song.


this is my ploy
And this is my prattle,
Tell me again…
Has it made your heart rattle?



17 thoughts on “The Lie

  1. she looks very young too, just like me, maybe a bit of arabic origin as most people’s roots in spain. I like the puzzle effect too 😛


    • Thank you, Erika. I felt it better captured what I was trying to convey. I’m glad you appreciate it. I’m puzzled by your name and age however. Mexican, not living in Mexico and how old do you think she is?


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