Lolita No Longer


Lolita Book Cover

(press play for audio)

(press play to hear Lolita)

I see teeth and barbs
and silk and sweat
and shadows and curves and cuts,

My indecision about what I’d want to do with what you are,
what you represent,
what you mean to me
and what you’ve meant.

You are danger, decadence, my darkness,
my confidence, my conflict,
my undoing, my yielding,
my letting go of who I thought I was supposed to be
and who I am supposed to see.

You are shadows and my thickness and girth giving.

You are overtaking, over sweeping, devouring;
molesting me of my minutes,
love not lingering,
my Lolita no longer,
lust and no less.

You are my cold sweats
and fevered flush,
my sleepless nights
and five year crush.

You are the object,
the lure,
the golden prize,
the appeal of my bloodshot eyes.

You are relentless and relentlessly seducing and reducing me
to flesh
and etchings
and scorched earths
and dying continually in spasming undead, unwed, unmarried and continuously bled.

You are poisonous pink and violent red.






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