A Gentleman’s Perspective

**What I thought was a letter for one, my muse insists is for the masses.**

(press play for audio)


Dear Adam,

It is my pleasure to write you and report my good fortune in being served by Jason Sedelow at the Wrentham Polo Outlet location.

I initially contacted Jason with an issue requiring attention and good customer service.  I did not get that.  Instead, I got devotion and exceptional customer service.  From the start, Jason listened to my issue, was careful to fully understand the details, asked how he could provide me with a pleasant experience and then assured me he would own my issue and resolve it to my satisfaction.  He did not do that.  He did more than that.  He reminded me that Ralph Lauren is not only a provider of great clothing but a purveyor of unparalleled service.

In fact, this positive experience extended beyond Jason to every other employee I came into contact with from Sydnee answering the phone, to Irina assisting me in Jason’s absence to Brenda and her fashion tips (she knows how to make me look sharp).

I wish my entire letter could be positive.  Unfortunately, I have one complaint.  Jason, his store and his staff are located in Wrentham, Mass.  I am located in Los Angeles, CA.  If you could do your best to transfer either me to your city or that store and all the people in it to mine, I would consider this last issue resolved.  If Jason’s success is any indication, I  am confident you will do your best and deliver…

preferably by the end of the week.

Godspeed and good wishes,
Peter Virant .


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