Naked and raw and over-exposed

I miss your torment and your tempest. I miss your frustrated temper when trying to book online airline tickets and I miss your tease. I miss the tips of your angular big toe and back of your knees. I miss the smudge on your Achilles’ tendon and you saying whatever you gawd damn please.

I miss you being you, your random thoughts and unusual words, your nonsensical non-sequiturs and your “I can’t do August but I can do September.”

I miss that subtle insanity that would linger long after you hung up. Those words floating on air not finding a home. I miss you having no friends to call your own.

I miss your search and your journey and your willingness to look at your past in hopes of review, but I missed the fact that you didn’t want what was new.

I miss the light you almost stole and your ridiculous explanation of “That’s how I roll.” I miss your less than innocent youth and over-zealous “I want proof!”

I miss your guilt in asking me to buy you new, red, 350 kwiy hiking shoes, but your quiet compliance for much more costly hotel rooms with mountain views.

I miss your head of blue hair and your sometimes blank stare. I miss your weakness and wounds and your leaving too soon. Yes, I miss “Her being blue” but most of all, I simply miss you.


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