Peter or Paul

**WARNING! EXTREME CAUTION! Once read, cannot be unread.**

Because it happened to a lot of kids who had it much worse than I did.

Peter, young man, you’re getting big!
Seems like years since I’ve last seen you!
Look at those dimples and the twinkle in your eye!
The girls must love you! I bet they do!

Missed you, buddy.  Glad you’re here. 
Let’s visit the quiet room so we can chat. 
Got a lot to catch up on and little time.
An “A” in math and a phone call from mom?

Good for you! I can see you’re proud!
Now turn around and drop trou.
That’s ok, you can close your eyes. 
Imagine your mom but just hold on. 

See that, tiger?  In and out.  No harm done. 
Now quick, scoot!  I gotta run! 
I’m a busy man, gotta get things done. 
Just remember, our little secret. Don’t tell anyone. 

What’s that?  Oh, yeah, your hug. I always forget.
Next week, I promise.  
See you, Paul.