Lombard Street

**As sing-song as Dr. Seuss.  As serious as financial abuse.**
Lombard Street


With your ruddy red hair and your “I don’t care”,
your “I do as I please” drops me to my knees.

You’ve said it before so I’ll say it again,
“I do what I want” and I want to be what.

But, if they knew what I’d do,
They’d drown me in glue.

For getting your wet and taking your wild,
Surely, they’d push me to living exiled.

So I keep my lips sealed and my arm by my side,
For if I reached out, I’d have no choice but to hide.

My conscience doesn’t stop me, my morals don’t prohibit,
It’s the voices of others and their judgmental exhibit.

For if I did, what I most want to do,
I’d frolic not sleep, in your bed beside you.