Diego’s Five Seconds of Fame

Between innings at the Dodger game, the cameraman walked the aisles looking for unsuspecting but adoring fans. Five rows in front of me, he found one…a boy about 7. After a group of three (what looked like husband, wife and an elderly mother-in-law), a younger couple about 19 who exchanged a kiss on the screen, the boy in front of me got his big chance. The camera turned green and the little boy lit up the stadium screens. Surrounded by excited and envious fans clamoring for a moment of fame, the cameraman narrowed his focus and zoomed in on the elated boy. Eyes wide, the little Dodger fan waved, cheered and jumped as he saw himself on television. Some people live for their 15 minutes of fame, all the boy needed was five seconds. He was thrilled!

A moment later, the camera dimmed and game started. Wanting to immortalize his moment, I grabbed a blank piece of paper from a friend, borrowed a pen from an employee and headed right for him. “Excuse me,” I said, “I saw you on TV! Can I have your autograph, please?” His parents beamed and he carefully and deliberately obliged.

Simple and perfect, he signed…